About Our Soap

Each soap is carefully handmade in the traditional cold process method in small batches. Once set, each bar is hand cut and allowed to cure for a minimum of 4 weeks to ensure that it is luxurious, mild, and long lasting. We strive to use the highest quality, organic, and sustainable ingredients available. We never use any synthetic fragrances, dyes, sodium laureth sulfates or parabens that can harm the skin

ALL our bars are EXTRA moisturizing, can be used multiple times a day, and will NEVER dry out your skin.
Ingredients for every bar:
Olive Oil, Palm Oil, Coconuts Oil, Castor Oil, Soybean Oil, Essential Oils, Root colors, Mineral Pigments, Natural Clays

About Cedar Soap Co.

After discovering amazing olive oil soap in different countries, our found decided to make his own version using the finest ingredients and new exotic scents. We first gifted them to friends and families and received nothing but positive feedback on the lather and amazing scents. This led to Eric learning much more about the ancient are of soap making. In doing so, he hoped that Cedar Soap Company can help to make the world a happier, more invigorating, and healthier place to be.

About Eric, Owner of Cedar Soap Co.

Born and raised in Nebraska, Eric was taught the value of wholesome, natural, man-made products on his family’s farm. As a disabled veteran, Eric learned how life can throw you some curve balls when you least expect it. His goal now is to make products for everyone to enjoy, ease their everyday burdens with an affordable luxury, and make the world a better place.

“Growing up on the farm, we had many Cedar Trees, and I always loved them for their strong and wispy nature. I loved hearing the wind blow through them and the intoxicating smell of fresh cut Cedar. To me, the tree is a symbol of strength, for in nature they grow and succeed no matter how harsh the winters or summers may be.” -- Eric Liebig, Founder

You, Me, & Our Planet

Almost all commercial soaps brands are actually detergent-based soap bars that are mostly made of chemicals. These harsh chemicals are readily absorbed in our skin, leading to dried out, aged, and cracked skin. This opens you up to many potential health hazards. Our soaps and packaging are designed without harsh chemicals that damage both our bodies and our planet. Our all-natural soaps are bio-degradable never harm the environment. All our packaging is 100% recyclable so it will break down to its natural elements. Like you, we never want to add to the landfills with packaging that will last for hundreds of years. Our mission is a healthy, sustainable, all natural product that serves the purpose of getting you clean and fresh without causing more pollution.