Designer Blends
Copper Canyon
Gold Rush
Lemon Poppy
  1. This soap blend resembles a chunky cut piece of marble, smooth and white, having brilliant veins of shimmering copper course through it's light clean smelling freshly scented bar
  2. Get that fresh, clean bubbly scent every time you lather up with our Lemon Verbena and Champagne infused soap! We've also added Poppy seeds to make it a natural exfoliate. Some Shea butter mixed in and your skin will be smooth as silk! ​
  3. This Designer Soap is crafted to look like rocky ore mined from the deep earth, containing brilliant nuggets of golden soap embedded in a rich activated charcoal colored artisan base soap. Nuggets of glinting golden soap seemingly bursting from the top with gold mica painted on top to add to is rich color and texture.